What is the ocularion?




“I Pledge Allegiance” is an intimate immersive theatre piece about fear, politics, and secret societies. 

Premiering June 7th and running for two weekends, this show will offer theatre goers an experience they've never had before... 

In the show, small audiences are admitted to a foreboding industrial meeting room. Filled with strange objects, they're encouraged to explore the space to gain clues about the upcoming events. For the next hour, they will feel as if they're trapped in the twisted world of a psychotic political fanatic. Only by delving deeper into the rabbit hole can they unlock the secrets of his organization and maybe escape alive.

Strobe lights, fog, and other special effects will be integral in inducing terror and amazement. Audience participation will be highly encouraged throughout, allowing participants to not only consume the experience visually, but through every sense.

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When are the showtimes?

June 7th, 8th, and 9th

June 14th, 15th, and 16th


What is the minimum age requirement?



Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, a waiver will be required in order to participate.


What is the location?

The location will be given the morning of the event. We are located in the Arts District in Downtown LA.


Can I wear a costume?

No, you will not be admitted.


Are tickets sold at the door?

No, please purchase tickets in advance.


What type of special effects are used?

Fog, strobe lights, interaction with substances are all possible parts of the show. Please do not attend if these will in any way adversely affect your health.


What will I be expected to do?

Immersive theatre is about participation, you will be expected to at a minimum sit, stand, search, respond to questions, and be blindfolded.


Can the actors touch me?

It is possible there may be light contact.


Can I be injured?

No, you will not be injured.


Can I take pictures?

No, pictures will not be allowed.